Activate Privacy
Comprehensive Digital Defense Solution

Empower your digital security

Activate Privacy is state-of-the-art protection software engineered to shield your device from cyber threats. Utilizing advanced threat detection algorithms and real-time monitoring, it offers unmatched security against malware, viruses, and hacking attempts.


Concerned About Your Digital Privacy?

Your Privacy Matters

Your online activities and computer usage should remain private. Unfortunately, third parties often track your personal information and browsing habits, seeking to profit or steal your identity. Effective protection against constant cyber threats requires robust software. That's where our solution steps in.

Ensuring Your Safety and Privacy

In today's digital era, cyber threats loom over everyone. With vast amounts of personal data online, safeguarding against hacking attempts is paramount. Our comprehensive software offers robust protection, shielding you and your loved ones from privacy breaches and securing your valuable information.

Enjoy Enhanced Online Privacy

Your online activities and computer usage should remain private. However, third parties often track your personal information and web habits to exploit your behavior or steal your identity. Our robust software operates ceaselessly to thwart malicious cyber attacks, safeguarding your privacy and security effectively.

Stay Ahead of Cyber Attack Trends

Protect your website with Activate Privacy, advanced digital protection software engineered to defend against evolving cyber threats. Our cutting-edge technology utilizes advanced threat detection algorithms and real-time monitoring to provide unmatched security against malware and viruses.


Victims of Fraud


Americans Affected

$4.5 Billion

In Reported Damage

Enhance your digital security

Ready to reclaim your privacy?

Take charge of your device and personal data with Activate Privacy. We provide regular updates to stay ahead of emerging threats, coupled with an intuitive interface for seamless use. Subscribe now to strengthen your digital defenses and enjoy peace of mind in our interconnected world.

Our Services

Activate Privacy
Covers Your Digital Privacy

Prevent Identity Fingerprinting

Activate Privacy shields your browsing habits and personal data from data miners and hackers by obscuring fingerprinting attempts.

Encrypt Login Credentials

Activate Privacy encrypts your login credentials for chosen websites, ensuring your data remains secure from cybercriminals in a robust digital vault.

Identify Exposed Personal Information

Activate Privacy actively detects any exposed personal data, allowing you to promptly address potential vulnerabilities.

Defend Webcams and Microphones

Activate Privacy robustly protects your webcams and microphones from unauthorized access and hacking attempts, enhancing the security and privacy of your personal space.

Prevent Cookie Tracking

Activate Privacy provides solid defense against harmful software and websites, preventing infections by malware, spyware, viruses, ransomware, trojans, and more.

Enhance Connection Security with VPN

Secure your online activities with a fortified VPN. Browse, shop, stream, and connect confidently with over 20 secure VPN gateway options globally available through Activate Privacy.

Automatically Block Ads

With Activate Privacy, enjoy a cleaner, faster online experience as it automatically blocks intrusive ads and potentially harmful cookies with its set-and-forget configuration.

Combat Ad Intrusions

Activate Privacy enhances your browsing experience by effectively blocking both static and dynamic advertising content, ensuring a smoother, faster internet navigation.

Secure Sensitive Documents

Securely locate and protect sensitive documents stored on your devices, such as social security numbers and bank details, with Activate Privacy's robust data protection features.

Encrypt Financial and Medical Documents

Keep your critical financial and medical documents safe with Activate Privacy's advanced encryption features, ensuring they are securely stored and fully protected.

Maintain Continuous Privacy

With Activate Privacy, your digital privacy is continuously protected. Our software actively monitors and blocks online phishing and other potential threats in real time.

Monitor the Dark Web

Explore the hidden corners of the internet with confidence. Activate Privacy employs a sophisticated scanning algorithm to search for any traces of your data on the dark web, ensuring your information remains secure even after known data breaches.

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Trial and Subscription Details: Experience our service with a 2-day trial for only $1.25. After the trial period, your subscription will automatically continue at a monthly fee of $34.95. Cancellation Policy: You are allowed to cancel your subscription at any time. Customer Support: For assistance or inquiries, our support team is available 24/7 at +1 (931) 392-4062.